Everything To Know About The Praying Practices & Rituals Of Chinese People

Everything To Know About The Praying Practices & Rituals Of Chinese People


Many cultures and religions coexist with one another in this world. So, it is evident that each culture believes in its form of religion. China is an atheist country when it comes to its religious faith. This communist country recognizes mostly five religions: Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism, and Daoism Jin Paper Malaysia. These religions have the praying methods that they practice in China. The spiritual structure in China is well-developed and quite prevalent in all corners of this country. Religion also widely influences the lifestyle and traditions of the Chinese people. 

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Where do Chinese people pray regularly?


Buddhism and Daoism are considered to be the two major religions prevalent in modern China. This is because the majority of the population follows the path of Buddhism and Daoism/Taoism. In these religious practices, it is unnecessary for people to always visit the temple for praying purposes. Instead, they can go to the temples every week to attend prayers. So, most of the people who wish to pray regularly can do so at their homes. 


During different occasions or festivities, Chinese people visit temples and mark their attendance to some special puja. Even during the time of difficulty, Chinese people make special requests to the priests of the temples to perform different practices. There is no particularly special time of the day that these people choose for praying. It is, however, important to follow proper rules and instructions before and after they visit temples for praying.

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Chinese Praying


There are some very important points that Chinese people should remember before visiting any temple: 


  • People are not allowed to take pictures of the deities inside the temples. It is considered to be a sign of disrespect towards the deities in China. This is applicable, especially in Southern China. You need to take special permission before clicking any picture. 


  • It would be best if you always cleaned yourself when you go inside any temple in China. It is very important to wash your hands, legs properly, and, if possible, hair. 


  • One can only enter a temple in China if their intention is only to pray. 


How do Chinese people pray?


It is a tradition to make various offerings to the deity with a sincere heart and soul in most Chinese places. Some of the offerings that they can make to the deities are fruits( only bananas, oranges, and apples), cooked chicken, rice cakes, thread moss algae, pork, and fish. After placing these offerings in front of the deities, the devotees in China need to start with their prayers. To pray, the Chinese people generally perform various types of praying rituals using incense. 


Through this praying practice, the Chinese people ask for happiness, good health, and success, protection, and guidance in their life. While praying with incense, the Chinese people should hold them only with their left hands. Using their right hands to hold an incense goes against the ancient traditions and beliefs of China. It is said and believed that their left hands are much cleaner compared to their right hands. Also, holding an incense in the left hand is considered to be more respectful and spiritual. After lighting the incense, it is kept inside the holder to let it slowly burn. 

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